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It is truly baffling to me how many of you don’t take the time to get familiar with the land out here before venturing off. If I had a golden eagle for the number of times I’ve seen a heavy footed civil war vet jump off the train right into his grave, I’d be a rich man! I’m already a rich man, but I can always be richer. That’s why I will be lending my particular talents as an accomplished prospector to the Pony Express publication in the coming days.

The first place I’m gonna tell you about is my old stomping ground, Terminus. A beautiful, but dangerous town if there ever was one. Terminus, as its name implies, is an intersection of three of the great railways. There aren’t too many places where you can work up a sweat in the desert sun, seek the shade and cover of the woodlands, or go prospecting in the canyon all within a day’s horse ride of a town with a railway, let alone three!

(Photograph of terminus taken from balloon)

You can approach Terminus from one of three trains, though it can be a rough town. I’d recommend hoping from your steam locomotive well in advance. Whether you end up in the woodlands, desert, or canyon, you’ll surely fair better than a man in Terminus without an eagle to his name.

Each time you travel to Terminus, you’ll find the surrounding landscape is a bit different than the last. Whether that’s on account of my memory or the well traveled paths, I’m not sure. The land is always changing, and so you’ll find that each journey to Terminus will provide a unique experience. So, staying on your toes is essential to survival!

I hope y’all live long enough to see my next contribution.

What part of Terminus are you most looking forward to exploring?


-Roger J. Wilson, Prospector,
Guest Columnist, Pony Express Newsletter



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