Lawmen Vs Outlaws: WANTED’S Discord Metagame

/Lawmen Vs Outlaws: WANTED’S Discord Metagame

Lawmen Vs Outlaws: WANTED’S Discord Metagame

“Lawmen Vs Outlaws: WANTED’S Discord Metagame”

Well, it was only a matter of time, I suppose. The West has always been known for allowing any young go-getter to become whatever he or she may imagine…but I always thought our little town would be saved from the savagery of lawlessness. Like I said, it was just a matter of time, because now we’ve got outlaws running through the street!

And where there are outlaws, you can count on there to be lawmen. I worry things are about to get bloody in our fair town.

That’s right, lines are being drawn in the sand and it’s time for YOU to choose a side. Will you become a treacherous outlaw who hopes to rob and steal their way to a cutthroat legacy or are you a moral lawman who hopes for a better future? Either way, it’s time for you to follow your calling.

Oh, and this isn’t just for the heck of it. Whichever group is reigning over our town at the end of each month will have control over our bank, which means they’re the group that gets to vote on that month’s cosmetic addition(s) to the game. This will change from month-to-month, but only ONE group will get a say in what will be added that month to our upcoming battle royale.

By the end of this battle, it’ll all come down to who’s got the bigger bounty. Will it be the lawmen or the outlaws?

How to Participate

Hop into our Discord and head for the #saloon (like any good citizen would). There, shout your allegiances as loud as you can by entering “!lawman” or “!outlaw”. Remember, no re-dos or mulligans; once you’ve selected your side, you serve them for life.

How to Win

Just belonging to a team isn’t going to cut it–oh no. You’ll also need to participate in one really simple way: running your mouth! As the winning team is all based on who’s got the highest BOUNTY at the end of the month, you’ll need to make sure you’re also increasing your own personal bounty. Do this by participating in conversations in the #saloon, #feedback-and-ideas, and #looking-for-players channels on WANTED’s Discord. Simple, right?

The BIG Prize

Not only does each team have a chance to have their voice heard in the monthly Lawmen Vs. Outlaws competition, but at the end of this all, the side who has the ultimate highest bounty will be awarded either the Lawman’s Badge or the Outlaw’s Bandana. You heard that correctly–the team with the highest bounty at the end of this competition will win an in-game cosmetic.

So the rules are simple: Choose a side, make your voice heard by participating in conversation, then reap the rewards.

Golly, it’s all got me thinking which side I should join. Ol’ Ike Inkblot Brewster has always been a little…roguish at heart.

Until next time, dear readers.  


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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