A New Combatant Joins WANTED’s Battle Royale

/A New Combatant Joins WANTED’s Battle Royale

A New Combatant Joins WANTED’s Battle Royale

“A New Combatant Joins WANTED’s Battle Royale”

Sandstorms be damned, raiding parties be damned, WOLF ATTACKS BE DAMNED…our little Western town is still growing larger and grander. While most of the new faces that start appearing around town hold a sense of East Coast familiarity, I’m very proud to announce we’ve had our first native join the WANTED ranks.




This awe-striking, indigenous woman must have heard the cacophony of hammer-strikes as our team drove the railway spikes into the red rock foundations of this arid land. To someone native to this faraway land, the sight of our growing railroad system must have been something else! Ha-ha!

Seeing such an alien sight would have sent many others running, but not her–oh no. Instead, she sauntered into our town like it was nothing, strolled into Delilah’s saloon and took a seat right next to the roughest, toughest person she could spot: Ike “Inkblot” Brewster.

What followed was a night of heavy drinking, storytelling, and an all-around legendary amount of cultural exchange. Of course, we couldn’t speak in the same tongue, but the universal language of alcohol did us just fine.

In the end, our new companion decided our fine town was where she belonged. Even better, she decided the life of a battle royale combatant was the life for her. So players, meet your newest face among the fray;

To my other residents, please help me in making our newest resident feel as comfortable as possible. I can gladly confirm, she’s a fan of beer and battle scars. If there are two things the West has in full…

Editors Question of the Day: What kind of characters are you hoping to see in WANTED?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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