Trains Push WANTED’s Players Further Into Battle Royale

/Trains Push WANTED’s Players Further Into Battle Royale

Trains Push WANTED’s Players Further Into Battle Royale

“Trains Push WANTED’s Players Further Into Battle Royale”

Time and time again, I find myself completely astounded by the marvels found out here in the West. Sometimes, something as spectacularly simple as a sunrise crawling over the glowing mesas can remind me why I fled…er, “peacefully retreated” the East Coast to come out West.

But today I present to you, dear readers, a marvel that isn’t just part of the serene landscape, but a modern, mechanical beast that moves across it.

That’s right–we’ve got ourselves a locomotive. A steam engine! A rail-riding testimony to human ingenuity! And we got a whole fleet of them!

It near brought a tear to my eye the first time I saw them. Though, half the reason I was almost shedding tears was at the realization that if I had waited six months before heading out here, I could have just sat my pretty behind down in a cushioned seat instead of bruising that same behind over 15 grueling days atop a very troublesome horse.

But instead of looking behind, I now look forward. I think about how these trains are going to benefit you, our soon-to-be WANTED players. Do you wonder the same? Oh, you should. Because these trains are the coal-consuming chariot that you’ll ride out onto the battlefield.

Our battle royale will feature a map that is intersected with several railways, all of which approach the map from different directions. Our combatants will then jump from these trains and out onto the field of play, watching as their steel steed carries other combatants further into the fray. Don’t worry–you’ll see them again real soon…

How many trains will be unloading other players onto the map? The answer is three. Three trains will barrel through the battleground and each of them will be filled with your competition. This delivery method guaran-damn-tees that players aren’t all crammed into one boxcar, you see? What’s truly astounding is that this ensures there won’t be just one direction of play, but several. Tell me that doesn’t just raise the hairs on your arms! Wew-wee!

Just as the maps themselves, these three routes will be randomized from match to match. Don’t expect to know which railway you’ll be taking, because until those big wooden doors swing open, there’s no telling which way you’ll be approaching your upcoming skirmish.

It’s about time you folks get a taste of what it’s like to live out here in the West–and I can’t think of a better way to show you how hectic it can get out here than a train that never goes the same place twice! I feel like every day I wake up, my house has been picked up by a twister and sat back down somewhere completely different. Welcome to the West, warriors, hope you find your way to the top.


Editor’s Question of the Day: How many players do you think each boxcar should contain as it barrels towards the battlefield?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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